Aquarius Weekly Horoscope from-05.06.17 to-11.06.17

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This week some leisure appears at work (some free days from your boss or a holiday) that allows you to stay home; weekly astrology predicts that it is a good occasion to do some forgotten house jobs, clean the mansion, throw old thinks, clean the garden or go shopping things for your house; maybe you can use this opportunity to spend some hours with kids or your partner.

You are a confident person and this week you decide to make some long term investments in shares or stakes; you start to get information about and make plans with your family.

This week you are busy to make a surprise to your family on a special occasion. Feel free to imagine what sort of surprise would have the best effect upon them.

On Monday and Tuesday, you get the energy to do everything, but on Wednesday, you feel the need to spend more time for yourself. It is not excluded that you take a free day on Friday, and it is even advisable if you think that you should do it now.