Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2017On top of this year will be Jupiter’s influence, that will enable you look upon things optimally and increase your efforts to improve your future. Jupiter’s influence has been already noticed in early January 2015. During 2017 (until July 2017) Jupiter will be in your 12th house.
You will have many opportunities for traveling this year, including expanding your horizons and exiting your routine.

Generally you will change lots of your manners and methods during this year, and that’s including your natural inclination to take precautions steps, especially regarding finance and money matters. Process concerning relationship that began on 2015 and has accelerated during the last year, whether in marriage or any other partnership, will continue during this year. Some of you experienced an alteration and eventual transformation in the area of partnership and close interpersonal relationship. Some of you perhaps experience struggles in relationship with spouses or partners, and a precaution needed as regard to your part. You may have gone through some unpleasant episodes during the above mentioned subject, and that’s also including confrontations which caused your feeling of upset and frustration.

By moderating your expression you can bring your ideas to others with a better chance of acceptance on their part, and serve a more socially active purpose at the same time as you advance your own understanding. You also may feel restrictions to your freedom during April to July 2017. You may feel that you want to be breaking away from something, but find yourself unable to do so. Powerful feelings of restlessness may come up for you at this time, but you may feel stifled and unable to cope with them or break out of the rut you feel yourself to be in at the moment. You may have a renewed connection with this most basic part of yourself, your loving and gentle nature.

Your communication with others is changing at this time, and you may to deal with siblings or your friends in a way that seems less easy and more painful than before. Look on the bright side, the last two weeks of April 2017 though stressful, the first two week should be fantastic. Things likely will be very fun and exciting both in love and work for you. Don’t get too low when the middle of the year roll around and you sense a change in the winds causing you to second guess the first half of the year. Be prepared with the owner’s manual of your vehicle if you drive for a living, it will come in handy. You are not as safe as you might think even with a late model vehicle.