Though some horoscopes mistakenly say that Aquarius falls under the Water Sign, the reality is that it falls under the Air Sign. Astrology signs that fall under the sign of Air are deep thinkers and like to develop their intellectual skills.  Aquarians are usually quite vulnerable and have a sensitive personality.

They are surrounded most of the times by many persons but actually they don’t have that many friends. In comparison with other horoscope signs, they are likely to be public people, being often clubs or organizations. Horoscopes say that Aquarians may have good communication skills but they prefer to be accompanied by minded persons. In relation with other zodiac signs Aquarians give a lot of importance to every friendship and look forward to be surrounded by them. In addition, Aquarians, because of the fact that are straight forward and don’t make changes too often, can make friends with any of the astrology signs as long as they don’t try to impose too many things.

Regarding their personal life, most horoscopes state that it is quite likely for them to prefer a peaceful life. On the other hand, they often have a tendency not to get emotionally involved in relationships. This can appear as a total turn off for other horoscope signs who might seek a great amount of attention and sensitivity. On the bright side, they are more talented than other zodiac signs, being born with natural intelligence.

Also, Aquarians use to be honest, love nature and creativity and are visionaries. If it is to judge their way of dealing things, it is important to say that they will most likely not take the conventional way. They tend to make things in their own way despite how they may end up. On the down side, they tend to be impulsive or sarcastic in some situations.

Aquarius Dates: January 20 – February 18

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