Astrology and the solar system

The solar system exists as a datum plane alluding to a divine consciousness, the myriad facets of which do not precisely abide by the principles of any specific organic construction. As such the Medical Astrology project here provides little corroborative evidence for the efficacy of Astrology.
Astrology is a more reliable indicator of factors precipitating disease than the precise form disease may assume as illnesses emerge according to the interaction between the characteristics and tendencies indicated by the native horoscope, and the astrological phenomena occurring during the individual’s life.
Ancient civilisations recognised the relationship between terrestrial events and the configuration of celestial objects and sought to render certain influences more enduring by soliciting their investment in inanimate objects. These objects were then assumed to promulgate the conditions extant at their inception.

To forestall the manifestation of weakness, tension or imbalance, an individual’s habits must first be ascribed to the geometric phenomena of their birth-chart. By partaking in behaviour antagonistic to that which is identified as deleterious at the appointed time or times, disease-inducing momentum may be arrested. Once the assigned schedule for timed intervention has been established, the assimilation of multiform therapeutic devices may substitute or complement the behavioural approach.
This site presents a method by which rituals can be staged to fix influences inimical to constitutional weakness on an individual level. The essay Rituals provides details of an astrological approach to preventative medicine, by which instructive experiences substitute existing symptoms and so ultimately permit a more equitable distribution of vitality than traditional medicine can – both for the individual and for humanity as a whole.

The manuscript Science of Astrology expounds the new method of horoscope construction and interpretation created by the author while the essay Horoscope Interpretation incorporates all the analytical content of this together with research notes for astrological studies of Extreme Weather, Earthquake Activity and Meteor Events. The essay Horoscope Construction summarises the revised form it is believed the horoscope should assume.

While the preparations concurrent with a period of time in advance of an event are yet to be imparted, individuals are not intuitively equipped to confront the circumstances presaged. However, although the aspiration to master destiny is transgressive, too little autonomy is also demeaning. It is believed that human exigency should therefore be utilised to discern and control destiny to a moderate degree.