Astrology of Names

The study of the letters in your name is called Acrophonology, and it equates each letter of the alphabet to a sign in the astrological zodiac. Each one of your names, including maiden, married and any nicknames you may have is important.
Societies have continuously looked to the skies for signs as to what may be happening about them, and it stands to reason that the stars have also predisposed the giving of names during the times. Many civilisations have thought, and some still do, that names based on the situations of the planets and stars at birth carry good luck and would repeatedly place their holders in synchronization with the cosmos. Astrologers throughout time have often been engaged to aid new parents choose positive names for their children, endorsing names based on a sign of the zodiac or connected to the heavenly fundamentals that govern the sign.

In China, astrologers are often used to control the influence of the basic elements – earth, fire, air, water, metal, and wood – that are related to the planets that are in place at a child’s birth. These astrologers cast a horoscope on the third day after the baby’s birth and look for a equilibrium of these foundations. If the elements are out of balance, they may commend a name that will align them more auspiciously for the child.
After completing a Numerology Personality Profile for the birth name (and the current name you have been using for some time), enter the new name you are considering for both the birth name and the name used today fields in the order form. This will provide a more comprehensive look at just the new name being considered.
Basically, the alphabet relates to the astrological signs thus:
A equals Aries, and is an active, assertive personality, adventurous and enthusiastic.
B is Taurus, who is a very practical, determined personality, and are collectors of memories.
C stands for Gemini, who have a friendly, outgoing, creative, and overactive mind.
D equates to Cancer. These are nurturing and family-oriented people.
E is Gemini, the intellectual and communicative, who hates to be misquoted.
F represents Leo, and they are friendly and romantic, fun loving, demanding, and love children.
G equals Virgo. These characters have high standards, good work ethics, and are tireless workers.
H is for Capricorn, the seeker of status and monetary gain, who are organized and have a dry sense of humour.

I is for Taurus. These are sensual, earthy, practical and money-orientated, protective and possessive people.
J equates to Sagittarius. They have a sense of fair play, are open-minded and optimistic, and are great lovers of philosophy.
K represents Scorpio. Powerful, private, self-contained, emotional nature, magnetic, sensual are what can describe these characters.
L is Libra. They are social, romantic, charming and full of grace.
M is Cancer, and are motional, family-oriented, and nurturing, although they can smother those they love.
N is Virgo again. These aspects include the practical, intellectual, analytical traits, and can be critical and inhibited.
O represents Cancer: Tenacious, cling for security, territorial, obsessive, manipulative
P is for Libra: They are peace-loving, social, independent creatures, who value relationships highly.
Q equals Sagittarius. They are excitable, optimistic, idealistic, humanitarian, and strong characters with an intuitive nature.

R equates to Aries, and are rational and logical people, who thrive on a challenge, and can be impatient.
S is Capricorn. Success-oriented, responsible, survivors, cold and shy is what can describe these individuals.
T represents Pisces, and can be sensitive, compassionate and intuitive people.
U stands for Sagittarius, who are outgoing and generous people, but can be opinionated, but friendly.
V equates to Aquarius. They can be idealistic and logical.
W equals Leo. They are sensitive, although their ego and pride take centre-stage, they can be romantic and creative.
X represents Pisces. They are multi-talented and diverse, with a great imagination, and are smart and creative.
Y equates to Capricorn. These characteristics include independence, and they are achievers, with good business and organizational skills.
Z is Pisces again. They can be extremely lucky or very unlucky. This is a very karmic letter.

For centuries, people have turned their attentions to the heavens for answers to questions about life and the cosmos. It has been no different when it comes to choosing the name of a child, and often the astrological zodiac has been consulted when it comes to the choice of a name. Many people and cultures believe that the name that is chosen based on the position of the stars in the sky when the child is born, will bestow good luck on the child.