Astrology Report

Do you want to understand yourself at a level that is so profound and deep that even your parents, siblings and spouse don’t know about it? Would you like a clear knowledge of what influences have affected your career, friendship, parental, marriage, romance, pregnancy and karmic sectors in your chart, and therefore, your life? Have you been wondering what gifts you have brought to share with the world? Is your karmic destiny fulfilled yet?

Then this will be one of the most eye-opening and insightful reports that you will ever read. The report is approximately 10, in-depth pages of personally written, non-computer generated analysis. Your birth chart never changes and you can use it your whole life for personal guidance.

Relationship Report for Two

This is the most requested reading and the astrologer would require the birth data of two people in order to prepare a report. It is usually ordered when a couple is contemplating moving in together or marriage. It consists of comparisons between the Sun signs, Moon signs and Rising signs of the couple, as well as in-depth analysis of the Mars and Venus and Ascendant and Descendant positions. House placements are also discussed as are the meanings of Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto in both charts. The North and South Nodes are also discussed as is how each person affects the other by way of financial luck. This report is approximately 10 pages long and comes with 2 color birth charts as well.

Mini-Relationship Report for Two

An affordable alternative to the full-length report above but equally insightful and useful. This report will cover all the major points such as Sun, Moon, Rising sign comparisons, Mars and Venus aspects and a discussion on Uranus, Neptune Pluto and Saturn and their effects depending on house placements.

Your numerological compatibility is also addressed and your Vedic and Chinese signs can also be compared if you wish. You may supply a question to the astrologer, as well as the full birth data of both persons, including time of birth and city/state/country.

Monthly Transit Report

This is an invaluable tool to be consulted monthly by you when making important decisions such as when to travel, when to sign important documents or when to start a business. It contains a lot of information and can be tailored to suit your particular needs. For example, if you are a business person, then this report would focus solely on your best business days in that month. If you are a homemaker, then it would highlight your family relationships and how they revolve around you, and if you are a sportsman or sportswoman, then it would revolve around your healthiest days in a month when you can perform at your optimum best, when to watch for emotional fatigue which can affect your performance, etc. The astrologer can create this by giving you the best dates in that month that would prove to be the most beneficial to you. You will also be warned of all upcoming planet retrogrades. This report can be emailed directly to you at the beginning of each month. Unlike monthly horoscopes on the web, each report is created using your own natal chart and is not applicable to any other person born under your Sun sign.

Location or Astrocartography Report

Are you thinking about moving? Looking for a new place to start over? Then this report could be your key. The astrologer uses your unique birth data to create a location report for you which will tell you which places, cities, states or countries are the most beneficial to you, your career or even your love life.

Make sure you check out what this report can do for you before you get on that plane or fire up that RV! You can use it as a reference your whole life as the lines are permanent. This report comes with a color chart of the map of the area that you are looking to move to. This report narrows down the best possible cities/states for you. Know your lucky lines before you move or do business anywhere. After all, information is power. Order a report focusing on a particular state, city or even country or continent.