Cancer Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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The period you are passing through is not the best part of your life. People might hurt you even if they have good intentions. As you know form the past problems, fight is always the straight part to face life. Somebody seems to be willingly to help you in order to succeed this time too. Astrological forecast recommends that you are grateful and assure him you will do the same for him.

Good week and good money; usually you are a well-balanced persons and you can manage the family’s money to cover all expenses necessary and to save some money too; at work, nothing special.

Sorry seem to be the hardest word to be said when you did a mistake on purpose; the best think to do is to wait for time to diminish the sadness you have done to the dearest persons.

Maybe one of your family members will catch a cold at the end at this week. Be careful to don’t take their illness. Start to drink more teas and go to the doctor for a routine check.