Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2017

Cancer Yearly Horoscope 2017Since last October your financial situation gets a positive turning point, after more than two hard years. In fact, starting the end of 2013 you’ve been through a tough and difficult process and dramatic changes in your business and money related matters. Actually although you are almost through this, there is still some problem concerning your interpersonal relationships, whether marital or business partnership.

These matters will continue until early 2017. During this time, relationships will make you suffer unnecessary losses and pain. You will have to take more precautions steps and carefully examine your initiate communications. Some of you might have break up interpersonal relationship during these years. Despite the pain that accompanies it, there could be that it will turn better for your future. Starting mid 2017 you are more out-going, optimistic and idealistic than usual. At this time, you benefit through education and travel or perhaps exploring new mental horizons. You are inclined to robust activity in the outdoors right now, and the love of nature and natural surroundings.

You could experience the fear of poverty and losing your possessions, or you may be on the other hand encounter feelings of austerity or actual denial of the material aspects of your life. You also may suffer doubts regarding your self-worth. Your struggle during the course of this period is to try to find your own true inner worth in terms of character: in standards, values, and service to others around you. Similarly, power struggles between romantic couples may occur. In generally, you been through a lot of upheaval and you must have felt that you want to break and separate.

Some of you broke through old ties and there is a good change now to find a suitable partner. Some of you may also become aware of inherent limitations in the areas of health and sickness, organizational detail, or service to other people. You can expect to find a solution to these issues concerning health matters on September 2017. You are still in a middle of radical changes in this field, a process that started several years ago. Many of you are changing profession and move to a different one, and that could be some kind of therapeutic profession for example. Starting June 2016 you have renewed enthusiasm regarding partnerships and the role they play in your life. You are diplomatic at this time, and you find things working out more easily in dealing with other people.