Cancer is one of the water zodiac signs that are symbolized by a crab. In comparison with other astrology signs , those who are born under Cancer have a lot of personality traits, starting from sweetness up to resentment. It’s necessary to take a full-spectrum view on all Cancer’s characteristics to really understand this complicated sign as it is stated by most horoscopes.

All astrology signs tend to have at least one key characteristic that really shows who they are. Also, the majority of the horoscopes say that every Cancer is rather known for his moodiness. This is due to the fact that Cancer is a ruler. Just as all horoscope signs have their phases, so does him. Even if it’s a good or a bad thing, Cancer feels things very deeply. They are the happiest when they are sharing love for something, such as poetry, with those around them.

The other zodiac signs may not quite appreciate this feature. In addition, they have a lot of creative force and they enjoy themselves very much in expressing themselves creatively. On the bright side, each Cancer is an excellent provider because he treats his job much the same way as he does his home. On the other hand, they can be quite a handful in comparison with other horoscope signs because if you ever fail to accomplish a job for a Cancer, you may never be forgiven.

It’s quite likely you don’t even know what you said or did, but you can bet one thing is certain; he will not forgive or change his mind. So don’t bother trying to understand. You will be most likely unable to figure out the complexity of Cancer’s emotions. Because of all this various characteristics of a Cancer it may be difficult to deal with such a heavy personality.

Cancer Dates: June 22 – July 22

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