Capricorn Man Personality

This Earth sign sure knows it all. Well, he will definitely think he does. Capricorn men are lost in their own complicated over bearing minds. They can read for days. They can watch endless PBS or Discovery specials.
All other men will inevitably die before a Capricorn man, because he has to win, and he has to know everything when he does.

Never argue with a Capricorn unless you are ready for a lifelong battle of whits. If you win, he will rebuttal with any subject possible until he wins! It’s quite amusing really.
Capricorn men, although seemingly strong willed and ego centric are just cool and confidant. If someone doesn’t like them, they really could care less.

Their motto is I CONQUER. They can do it all. They know how to build a house, make a cake, and shine their shoes. They’re awesome in bed, because when they were younger they studied tantra books!
They always save their money, and they make lots of money.
They’re workaholics. That lawyer with the nice teeth you admire from afar is a Capricorn. That intimidating mechanical Engineer down the hallway from you too. They both work 65 hours a week. They wear nice clothes and they love dark colors.
He may seem aloof about you, but that’s just how he is. Flatter your Capricorn man by asking him questions about anything you don’t know about. They love to talk, it boosts their confidence even more.

Cappys are ruled by the planet Saturn, which is associated with social order and rules. Capricorns will either be the 99% revolutionaries screaming information to the masses on youtube.  Or the police SWAT gassing the crowd to regain the silenced masses. No Capricorn is ever on the fence about anything. They know what they believe.