Capricorn Monthly Horoscope June 2017

Capricorn Monthly HoroscopeYou likely will surprise yourself with some new off the wall ideas Capricorn. Monthly astrology predicts that you will feel much joy when you let your creativeness pour out of you. You don’t even have to be artsy to paint a great picture. Find new ways to make life at both home and work more fun and profitable at the same time.

Ideas will come easily to you so get a pen and paper to write them down especially prior to the 17th. This can continue this for several months if you can be sure to stay centered and grounded with plenty of rest and meditation. Have you been looking into realty, either buying or selling a home? This month looks promising if you’re ready. You may stumble onto a great buy even if you were not looking to purchase.

Being a grown-up helps your social life in the second half of this month. That means sticking to commitments and not folding up your tent and running away at the first sign of danger. Love requires some toughness now, and a willingness to fight for it.