Capricorn Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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On Tuesday and Wednesday planetary aspects are in your favor. Also, if you organize yourself effectively, you manage to make those things you want without jeopardizing your family budget and also your family emotional balance. Family equilibrium is extremely important at the moment and the stress you pass through shouldn’t affect the ones you love.

No one should tell you how to manage your financials but good advice is always a benefit. Think twice before starting to make expenses. It is better to have some money for black days.

In the first days of this week you come with a proposal for your family which will be agreed with enthusiasm by all the members; next step is to fulfill the proposal.

Even if your body-shape is good, maintaining it is the most important both physically and menthally. Do continue with your exercises and do not let lazyness come over you.