Capricorns are one of the horoscope signs that fall under the Earth chart. Such astrology signs are defined by their practicality, but they are not quite a fan of spontaneity. That is because Capricorns are scared of failure and they prefer to take care and make their best effort to be successful. Furthermore, they are not that dreamy type of a person as other astrology signs, believing in something only if they have proof or if they get to see it for themselves.

Those who are born under Capricorn usually have confidence in themselves and set mostly high goals in life. Taking this into consideration, horoscopes say that they have a permanent desire to go higher and achieve the best. Also, they feel in their comfort zone when they know that are respected by other people for what they are. Due to this, all zodiac signs must be aware not to cross a certain line in a business relation with a Capricorn.

They do take risks at times but they definitely cannot be considered as being reckless. In addition, most of their plans are thought in advance and they usually go over them before putting something into action because they tend to calculate each step of the way. On the bright side, Capricorns are fearsome fighters, trying to get advantage from each opportunity, no matter how hard they have to work for it.

Horoscopes state that they can get very selfish if that will help them to reach their purpose and that can ruin their business relationship with others. Also, they are a born leader, having some issues at times with other horoscope signs. On the contrary, in comparison with other zodiac signs, they have self-confidence and seem strong, but they get quite affected even by small things and they can get really involved sentimentally.

Capricorn Dates: December 22 – January 19

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