Elements In Astrology

As we all know, there are various astrological symbols. However, some of us do not know that these astrological symbols are grouped together. The astrological symbols that share certain characteristics and traits are categorized in accordance to the four elements found on this planet – fire, water, earth and air. These groupings are known as the elements in astrology. This is done so in order to enlighten why some of the astrological signs are more attuned than others.

The symbols that are categorized as Fire elements are Aries (21st of March to 19th of April), Leo (23rd of July to 22nd of August) and Sagittarius (22nd of November to 21st of December). Signs that belong to this element are known to be dynamic and leaders. They illuminate those around them. Fire elements are compatible with those who are Air elements, that is, because fire needs air in order to exist. And because fire and water do not mix well, Fire elements and Water elements are not compatible. Those who belong to the Water elements can diminish the vigor and enthusiasm of the Fire.

The symbols that belong to the Water element are Cancer (22nd of June to 22 of July), Scorpio (23rd of October to 21st of November) and Pisces (19th of February to 20th of March). Water elements are deep persons. Those who fall under this element are somewhat sensitive, as well as emotional. They are well into deep thoughts and conversations. They are also characterized by the sayings “still waters runs deep” and “water can blur and image”. Water elements are quite secretive on their sentiments and capabilities. And they are most compatible to those belonging to the Earth element.

Aquarius (20th of January to 18th of February), Gemini (21st of May to 21st of June) and Libra (23rd of September to 22nd of October) are symbols that fall under the Air Element. Air elements are idea symbols; they provide the much needed air that turns a spark into a blaze. Air elements must have freedom to do whatever they want and think. Those belonging to this category element must not be tied down.