Family Astrology

Astrology plays a major role in helping families communicate better and ultimately get closer and stronger, which can occur if each member tries to learn what makes other family members tick and what they are motivated by.
Do you want to form closer bonds with your parents, guardians or siblings?
Would you like to help your parents understand each other better, no matter what their age?
Is a new person about to become a member of your family? Are you a new stepmother or stepfather? Then you would benefit immensely by learning about the deeper emotional patterns of the people in your new family, both young and old.

Each human being is different and we can speak to each person in the language that they can comprehend emotionally. Astrology can help you speak that language.
Family structures can be a source of great joy and security as well as pain and sadness. It all depends on how well we recognize the traits within one another.
Natal chart interpretations can provide a wealth of hidden information and knowing the real natures of family members, not just the ones they like to exhibit, can make a great and palpable difference in how people get along.

What can Family Astrology do for your family? Drop the astrologer a line and email her your thoughts.
Specialized reports can be created to suit your individual needs.

Questions and Answers Examples:

Q. “My mom and I have never gotten along, as a kid, she always criticized me and never supported me. I couldn’t get over the favortism from her and never forgave her for remarrying after dad passed away. As are result, she didn’t come to my wedding.

Recently she fell really sick and so I went to see her. We are now talking but not about the past. I want to be able to talk to mom again while she’s still alive. What do I do now? I don’t want to lose her all over again. She’s Libra and I’m a Cancer.”

A. Dear Cancer, you’re on the right track. We will start by comparing your chart to your mom’s and see where the falling out occurred and why. Be patient with yourself and with her. Being an Air sign, communication and sharing is a big way to bond with her. You are a very soft-hearted person and need the presence of a maternal figure in your life. Not that you can’t live without it, it’s just that you feel more fulfilled to have such an influence to talk to. You and your mom are the same in many ways, both of you feel the most comfortable when involved in the process of bonding. Treat your mom, not as a mother, but as a friend and keep the lines of communication open with her. This can help you as a Cancer, reconnect verbally with a Libra who enjoys sharing even the smallest bit of information with loved ones. Once we find out what your individual charts say, we can help make your bond stronger.

Q. “I have a 6 year old little daughter who never seems to be quiet or listen. She is a Gemini and I am a Capricorn mom. My problem is that she never sits in one place and cannot stop chattering. Why is this happening? I feel like I can’t control my own daughter. Will she always be like this?”

A. Dear Capricorn, your Gemini baby girl is typical of her sign, although it seems as though she may be a Sun sign Gemini as well as have another restless Air sign for her Moon sign. You should know that it is very hard for little Geminians to calm down and stop moving. You can’t control the air or the winds, and your daughter is a little like that. As she grows older, depending on her chart, she will show variations on this behavior. You are an Earth sign mom, which means that you are cool, calm, collected and in control.

Poised and graceful, you cannot seem to make sense of the frenetic Air element in your daughter. But, this problem is not that difficult to solve. When at home give her simple chores that she can do while moving about. Whatever you do, don’t punish her for talking incessantly and not being quiet, as that might cause her to shut herself up from you emotionally. Geminis connect to people they love by speech, and they require frequent communication in order to feel close to you. When she grows up and becomes more balanced, she will need your input of all of life’s matters. Find out her moon sign and compare it to yours.

Q. “I have been estranged from my birth father for a long time, he left when I was a baby. Now that my mom’s passed away, I have tried to reconnect with him. He is the only family I have left. What will I get from a family astrology report that will help me pick up the pieces again and have a normal relationship with dad?”

A. The information that is gleaned from your father’s natal chart will tell you what you have in common with him and how similar you are in certain areas. Also, you will learn how to discuss painful issues and get past them and not let them get in the way of your growing relationship with your father, which seems important to you. We can find out what his Moon sign is and how it is compatible with yours. As well as what areas are sensitive to him and you. Understanding your father’s emotional personality will give you a chance read his inner motivations and find something that bonds you to him. It is already in his chart, all you have to do is read it.