Gemini Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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Don’t look down at some elders that are willingly to give you some advice about your taking care of you and your health; they know better about style life and can provide you with good information and the fact they are ready to share with you some life issue must be very welcome from you.

It seems that the promotion you are expecting at work will come this week and you will start to make plans as you will be in a higher position; also, your salary will grow and this gives you a good feeling and are looking forward to share the news with your family.

Too many things to do this week and you feel under pressure; try to put down a list and maybe you can clear the pressure; finally, you will see that, after all, it’s not so bad.

A sudden cold or influenza will affect you and your family; as the illness is usual for this period of the year, do not rush and get too many medicines. Some tea, some aspirin and lot of rest will help you get better soon.