Gemstones Astrology

Gemology has long been an important aspect of Vedic, or Hindu, astrology. To this day, astrology plays an important part in the lives of many Hindus. Newborn’s names are often chosen according to their astrological charts, and astrological concepts influence many aspects of everyday life, including holidays, decision-making processes about marriages, business and domestic life. Some universities offer advanced courses in astrology.

Following Vedic Astrology, gemstones hold certain healing powers, and are recommended for you based on your horoscope. Wearing or holding certain gemstones can influence and change certain aspects within your life, be it to improve your love life, your health or your business. It is believed that they do this by affecting your body’s energy field, but the use of the correct gemstone for your requirements in vital, otherwise opposite, negative effects may occur.
The gemstones used are as follows:

Rubies are purported to award the wearer with fame, giving them warmth, vitality and virtue, enhancing their status. Physically, it can help to cure fever, gout, rheumatism and peptic ulcers.

The pearl is used to eliminate the negative effects of the moon. It can cure insomnia, aid in good sleep and fortifies the mind, resulting in improved memory. It can also cure heart diseases, eye troubles and uterine disorders. Additionally, it can increase fortune, and sexual strength, which makes for a happy married life.

Red Coral will give you courage, and cure you of fever, coughs and blood diseases.

Emeralds are related to the brain, and can increase brain power and intelligence, including overall memory, communication skills, intellect and intuition.

The topaz is a commonly used gemstone, as it helps to improve your financial situation, and can protect you from poverty by removing adversity. It is usually the yellowed coloured gemstone that is used. Unmarried girls wear this gemstone to help them find a suitable match. Additionally, it can improve your eyesight.

Diamonds are a luxurious gemstone, and will give the wearer a luxurious life. These gemstones will enhance your name and your fame, your sexual powers, and will cure you of diabetes, uterine diseases, skin disorders, and venereal diseases.

Yellow sapphire gemstones are very useful in Vedic Astrology, having many healing benefits. Wearing this gemstone will increase your wealth, your health, your fame and honour and help give you success.

Blue Sapphire gemstones have the ability to raise the overall status of its user. For example, wearing this gemstone can give you everything you desire (wealth, happiness, health), and can improve fertility in women who have had issues bearing children, and may restore lost property. However, use cautiously, as sometimes there may be adverse reactions, and it is advised to test the stone first.

Gomed is usually a reddish-brown coloured gemstone, and is said to increase vitality, good health, overall wealth and happiness. It can also counteract the negative influences of the planet Rahu, which may cause delays in the achievement of your desires.

The Cat’s eye gemstone is used to counteract the influences of Mars, by protecting the user from hidden enemies, disease and other dangers. It also has the positive effects of improving your wealth through channels such as the stock market or gambling.