I spend too much. What should I do?

Q. “I am married to a man who is an 8 while I am a 7. We have been having relationships problems and it is always because of money. I like to spend it the way I think is good for us and he says I spend too much. What should I do? He seems to want to control every cent and it makes things too stressful for me. Can you help?”

A. The 7 and 8 combination is an interesting one. Your 8 partner is reacting out of Saturnian security concerns, and this is because as an 8, he worries more about the future than you do. Your approach to handling finances is very different than his and tends to be more emotional. He wants to control the cash because he may fear that one day it will all be gone, or most probably, because he does not want to depend on anyone for help when he is down on his luck.

8’s are very proud and insist on helping themselves. It is not easy for them to ask for assistance as it may be misconstrued as a mark of weakness. You are a 7 and may have a very different attitude about money. You certainly do not share his fear of becoming broke, but you still need to run the house and buy things. If you both could sit down and appreciate the fact that you think differently about certain issues, you can agree to disagree and reach a compromise.

Mind you, being a 7, you might agree too quickly. Think carefully about spending less as your 8 husband will hold you to your promise. Make no decisions while you are in an emotional mental state which you tend to often do.