Leo Weekly Horoscope from-15.05.17 to-21.05.17

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This week the stars will have a positive effect on you. Mars, the planet of dynamism, drives you to take your position in your life plan. One thing to note do everything quiet as you usually do.

Some benefit may appear this week from a former job partner and it is possible that you will earn some money that you did not know; so, you can use this source to make some payments or debts.

The stars seem to be on your side and let you return to calm and peace. In the weekend you might want to focus on yourself, your needs and the things you like best so try to explore as much as possible the unknown inside you and clear things out.

You are emotionally sensitive and it may also affect your current physical state. On Monday and Tuesday you could wake up with a migraine so it is good to rest somewhat more efficiently.