Leo Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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In terms of this weekly astrology this is an essential week for changing the attitude toward the future. Stop holding on to the old, you must accept the new to create real changes in your life.
In order to get good results in things you do, you must do things differently.
This is your time to shine at your working place, don’t be afraid to bring new ideas.

This week you will feel a real shortage on money as you spent some little more last week. You must think of ways to stop spending money on vein.

This week you are going through some hard moments as somebody very close to you passed away or is very sick; besides the pain you feel you have to support your family too.

Your family is good now after the last week when you had lots of heath problems with some of the members; week seems to be good now.