Leo Yearly Horoscope 2017

Leo Yearly Horoscope 2017Astrological forecast predict that Saturn will entrance this year to your first sign signifies some significant changes in your life. On one hand this could be a difficult period, on other hand – this could be an important opportunity to better constructive things for you. The last time Saturn visited your sign of 1997 and some of you must remember that period very well. It’s true that a transaction of Saturn into a sign is not easy: it could be that you might have feeling of loneliness and instability.

However, the significant change that we can achieve throughout of it is tremendous and will last for year. Sometimes you might feel that you do not know exactly what you want and there could be a gap between your desire and the existent reality. However, this could be a great opportunity for you to re arrange you’re self and your life and you can make your dreams coming true. Your health is excellent, although you should beware of overindulging in good food and put on weight. Starting April 2017 Your entire approach to relationships is changing, perhaps signaling renewed vitality in your marriage or intimate partnership, perhaps a breakup, based on realizations that have been developing within you over time.

You could like to show off your good side and may find yourself more creative than usual because of your increased self-confidence. As a result of if you are likely to have an opportunity to display your abilities, and you are also attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, at this time. You are advised to be cautious as you might be extravagant or suffer from errors in judgment during this year, and may have a tendency to overdo things.

Pluto entrance to your recourses and finance house this year signifies intensive activity concerning these matters both money and property issues. The emphasis is now on two main fields: home and work. Pluto movement is very slow but signifies very deep changes on these matters. Your personality will be somewhat compulsively focused around the issues of money and material possessions. You will wish to be free of any dominating what so ever of others on you. Your interpersonal relation could face a great change either and might cause you some uncomfortable and difficult situations. Starting March 2017 you will likely experience a tension between an old and outmoded way of being and a new vision of what could be possible. The shadow side is disappointment with you, perhaps even depression. And there could be confusion about what you truly want at this time. But the joy of this spiritual journey of discovery comes from making peace with yourself and beginning to fulfill your dreams.