Leo is one of the fire zodiac signs. Reading the horoscopes, one can say that his fire can be extinguished on the condition of being robbed of his need for freedom or being the center of all things. The fire represents both the passion and compassion of a Leo. In comparison with the other horoscope signs, when he senses an injustice, he feels disapproval and doesn’t rest until justice is being brought to light. Leo is usually full of warmth.

Although he may be a showman, in fact he is all heart. Being a passionate sign among the other astrology signs, his passion can be contagious to the others, which is an amazing thing. Also, they can inspire you with just one speech and persuade you into joining whatever cause. As most horoscopes state, Leo has a tendency of taking care of his beloved ones. He seems to appreciate the meaning of life and he is also willing to share that with everyone.

Leo is eager to do his best, being one of the most ambitious zodiac signs. He hardly ever accepts defeat, being that kind of a person that continues fighting till victory is achieved. Due to this, he can make a great boss because of his great mentor style, most similar to a teacher. On the other hand, similar to any of the other astrology signs, there are some undesirable features that rather define this sign.

Even though it is not one of the best aspects of Leo, the truth is that arrogance is quite associated with this sign. Next to any other of the horoscope signs, Leo thinks he is the center of universe, and he doesn’t care to hide that feeling to others. However, because of the fact that they are very affective with people, his ego may be overlooked.

Leo Dates: July 23 – August 22

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