Libra Weekly Horoscope from-12.06.17 to-18.06.17

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Weekly astrology predicts that this week is all about money as if anybody needs to ask some from you. You seem to be very surprised because it is not in your usage to lend money and, generally, people would not dare ask for money from you as you have the reputation of being a keeper.

You are too easy-spender money this week as you are willingly to do some changes into your home; it is no problem with that if you know for sure it is worth spending.

A friend will invite you to meet somebody; even you do not agree with this, you think that it an occasion to impress a person and make some “rehearsals” on that.

There are no major changes in the sector at this time, so you have the opportunity to put into practice many of the outdoor activities you have longed for most of the winter.