Libra Yearly Horoscope 2017

Libra Yearly Horoscope 2017Free Yearly horoscope predict that You are going through a major change in your life during this year, which will lasts about seven years. You may be more impulsive than usual. Long term relationships or career may be subject to sudden and complete turnover. These radical changes can be uncomfortable and frightening, whatever form they take. They can also be disconcerting for close friends and other associates who are used to a certain way of regarding you.

But if you resist them, you may come to regret it, since you are aligning with your own inner purpose, and the time has come for these changes to appear in your life. It is best to ride out the storm, rather than attempting to go back to the safety of a harbor that no longer exists. Conflict with authority or parental figures is also possible, as you grow and explore your individual path. You may feel the urge to break free of a dominating influence, in order to strike out individually and more fully experience your unique identity.

There is an emphasis placed upon partnerships and relationships, especially important interpersonal relationships such as marriage. At this time you may feel a deepening or concentration of your power to relate to others and you do well in the areas of partnerships and business relationships, as you are possessed of unusually good judgment and diplomacy. You also may have an increased sense of self-reliance or even of isolation, as you may be starting to rely on yourself in new ways, rather than necessarily depending on a partner.

You may need to step back in order to gain a clearer perspective on your interactions.
During this year you will feel positive and optimistic in your sense of self; you have an opportunity to promote yourself and to explore your relationships with others and with the world at large in a positive, creative way. There is likely to be good luck with the material side of your life. This is valuable, but it benefits you to balance your sense of possibility with a healthy sense of limitation. You should beware of over-rating the importance of material things. You are likely to be conservative financially, at this time, and you may appear greedy or selfish. You could experience the fear of poverty and loosing your possessions, or there may be sudden alterations in your financial arrangements with other people. In fact the stars promise you a sudden and quite a big gain this year, not necessarily from work, but from other sources, connected to share finance.