Mahatma Gandhi – Astrology Report

Here is an example of an interesting natal chart. Mahatma Gandhi (better known as Gandhiji in India) was born with his Sun in Libra, his Moon in Leo and Libra as his Rising sign. With the sign of Libra so prominently placed in 2 of the 3 from his ‘Elemental Three’ (his Sun, Moon and Rising signs), it is clear to see that he would be preoccupied with justice and equality for all.

The sign of Libra is an Air sign and therefore he was mentally very restless, yet it also made him very intellectually productive while also being a man with a highly developed sense of fairness. His Moon sign is in the sign of Kings, or Leo, and even today many in India see him not only as a patriot and national hero but also as a king.
Although he was known to be very eloquent and charming (Venus in the 1st house), he also had to struggle with anger (Mars in the 1st house) and always work to build up his self-esteem (Saturn in the 2nd house). With the patriotic sign of Cancer on his Midheaven, to protect his nation and liberate it was of the utmost importance to him as a man.

With 3 planets in his 1st house of the ‘self’ or ‘identity’ positioned in Scorpio, he was quite an intense personality to talk to and behold. If he felt as though he had done something wrong, he was capable of much anger directed toward himself.
Libra is a Cardinal sign, and with 2 major positions in Libra, he felt a natural pull toward leadership, ultimately leading a nation and subcontinent out of being second-class citizens in their own land. The emphasis he placed on peace or ‘shanti’ and non-violence or ‘ahimsa’ was also characteristic of him as a Libran.

The stand-out planet in his chart is the Sun in the last house of the 12th sector (or the house of karma, dreams, the subconscious), symbolizing a deep karmic connection fusing him to his work. This would signify ‘total immersion’ into the deep karmic waters of Neptune, ruler of the mighty seas and oceans. It was no accident that he did what he did. And through his karmic deeds, he was able to positively help and benefit an entire people.
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