Monthly Horoscope Gemini July 2017

Post iconIf you are working in a powerful job now and negotiating a renewal contract, that contract probably represents a financial negotiation, not your career, so those talks might be covered by a different, more financial house. In that case, your contract would be shipshape by late this month. It may be for the best that things will take time to jell.

You will soon realize that the finishing touches that really made the project work were provided by somebody else. Your imagination is working overtime. Recognize everything for what it truly is and do not let your ego get the upper hand.

You may not be able to fix things immediately, as much as you’d want to do so, but at least you’ll see what needs to be done. Fortunately, free monthly horoscope predicts that this full moon is well angled to your Sun. You can prevail if you put your mind it to it.