Monthly Horoscope Pisces August 2017

Post iconStarting this month you have renewed enthusiasm regarding partnerships and the role they play in your life. You are diplomatic at this time, and you find things working out more easily in dealing with other people. It is therefore a good opportunity to make new progress in the area of interpersonal relationships. You also may find yourself expanding your connections to the world of art, and to the aesthetic pleasure that you take in your surroundings.

The minor battles you have been having with your spouse so far will continue as a little bit of strife is still present in your relationship. Do not dismiss their position out of hand and at least try to see their side of the argument.

Mars, the energy planet, entered your sixth house of work on the end of the month and hold a place in your horoscope for almost seven months. This is an unusually long visit of Mars, for Mars typically stays a little less than two months, not close to seven.