Monthly Horoscope Sagittarius July 2017

Post iconProcess that has started several month ago continues this month during which makes you change your goals, direction in life and your image generally, although you might feel, as well, lack of control over what is happening to you and an increase in your holistic approach rather than a materialistic one. You might have a feeling of loss, and perhaps you need to say good bye to that accompanied your life so far.

If you have important decisions pending, monthly astrology forecast recommends that you should read for your rising sign too each month, for the rising sign is equal in importance to the Sun sign. By doing so, you would get an additional timetable to look at and more options.

Since last month your financial situation gets a positive turning point, after more than two hard months. In fact, starting the end of the last months you’ve been through a tough and difficult process and dramatic changes in your business and money related matters.