Monthly Horoscope Scorpio August 2017

Post iconYou may be offered a new job yourself, but here’s where that gets a little tricky. Any new job you are offered now would be similar in level to your old job – in other words, not a step up to more status or responsibility. Monthly astrology forecast says that if that is fine with you, then go ahead and take it. In this economy, it’s good to have a job, and sometimes it is not practical to be too picky.

The whole world revolves around you by middle of month but a co-worker calls into question your leadership abilities sometime near the end of month. That is not too much an issue for you though, you are happy to relinquish some of the heavy lifting.

Starting this month you will be in the process of clarifying your true purpose in life, and are experiencing a concentration of your energies, so that you have to work for what you want in this area.