Numerology for Relationships

Many people search for a life partner, a soul mate, in order to feel completed and accepted. Many times in the search for such a partner, people end up liking someone who is not compatible with their personality. This incompatibly causes a whole host of other problems which, if not dealt with, will lead to people hurting each other and eventually causing the relationship to break up.

So what is a possible solution to this? In Numerology, compatibility can be determined by simply looking at a person’s birth chart. This way the numerologist can show beforehand where the person’s individual strengths and weakness lie.
We all have areas of strengths and weaknesses as well as unique gifts. Before someone commits to a relationship, it is best that they first understand themselves as well as their partner’s personality this can be done by using a numerological chart do a comparison.

By facing who you truly are with courage, you can look into the crevices of your soul and look at your true self, doing this will strengthen the chance of your relationships being successful. You will know the areas in which you are strongest and the areas that you need to improve. The foundations of any strong relationships are built on trust, respect, honesty and love. By having a numerology profile done this will greatly assist you in making the right choice when choosing a partner.
The first course of action that anyone should take is to find your life lesson number and then that of your partner. To find this out is very simple.  All you will need to do is add the numbers of your date of birth and reduce it to a single digit. An example of this is as follows,  if you were born the 5th of May 1983 you would add 5+5+1+9+8+3=31 add the result like this 3+1 you will end up with a life lesson number of 4.

Individuals who have a life lesson number of 4 place great significance on stability and security in their relationships. These people often look at life in black and white and they are usually very practical individuals.  These people will have to ensure that their relationships do not become stale. These people are best suited with partners who will encourage them to stretch their imagination a bit and take some risks. A person with a life lesson number of two is generally a good match for such an individual as they are opposite in the sense that they will bring spontaneity to the relationship as well as seduction. By using numerology relationships can be greatly improved for the better.