The Science Of Mathematics And Astronomy And How It Can Help Your Every Day Relationships.
What is your birth number? Your destiny number?
Is your partner’s number compatible with yours?
Is your number well matched with your boss, parents or kids?
Are you a 6 male trying to get along with a 1 female? Or a 3 employee trying to work under a 9 boss?
Numbers are some of the first things we teach our children. We use them in our everyday lives and don’t give them a second thought. You know your phone number, your age and the number of the day you came into this world (e.g. February 12th, 1809)

But numbers play a different and often hidden role in our lives as well. Each number has its own identity, its own personality, if you will. And it is these numerical influences that make up the foundations of the ancient science of Numerology.
Each person is influenced by the sign they were born in, and therefore, each person is also influenced by the number they were born with. Two principle numbers are sought by numerologists, one is the Birth Number, and the other is the Destiny Number. Compatibility using both numbers is important.

Descriptions of each number:

1: This is the first number, a 1 born person likes to shine and with good reason. It is the number of the leader, teacher and professor. 1’s are assertive, forceful and intellectual by nature. They are dominant, like to direct other people and are strong, powerful personalities. While they deeply enjoy being recognized for their unique qualities, they also enjoy being kept in charge of things. And why not? They are good at it. Extroverted and bold, they have to be taught that sometimes it is okay for another to be in the spotlight. The best career fields for them are any jobs where they get to direct the structure and everyday flow of things, they are excellent managers, directors and teachers, professors and politicians. The public life suits them and they thrive in public service fields. This is the original yang or masculine number. The planet ruling the number 1 is the Sun and corresponding sign is Leo.

2: This is one of the most feminine, maternal and yin numbers in the group. Highly intuitive and impressionable, they are emotionally in-tune with both people and situations. They dislike being left alone and find relationships and partnerships to be an essential part of their psyche as well as their strongest anchor emotionally. They like to nurture, support, help and take care of people. The influence of the moon makes them highly emotional as well which they use to their advantage as psychologists, healers, teachers of children and caretakers of the ill or elderly and infirm. Their sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse and most of the poeple in their lives will rarely grasp how very deep their emotions run. The planet that is associated it the number 2 is the moon and the sign that corresponds to it is Cancer.

3: Known as the great communicators of the numerical group, 3’s are social, fun-loving and enjoy bringing the shy ones out of their shells and help them relax. The 3’s amongst us were put here to educate us and make us see the bigger picture instead of being caught up in the boring and dull minutae of everyday life. They are excellent motivators, they can share their optimism for life through speech and cheer up depressed souls and they highly value friendship and loyalty amongst friends and groups. They are innate salespeople, and make talented writers and do well in the artistic fields of music, the performing arts and oratory. The planet that has rulership over the number 3 is Jupiter and the corresponding sign is Sagittarius.

4: The number of all firm foundations and support systems is 4. The function of the earthy 4 person is to build, protect, support and produce. 4’s come in where thoughts meet action, where words translate into real, tangible efforts. They are the ones that other numbers would go to for support when things go wrong and they have lost their foothold in life. The key for all 4’s to remember is to try not to jump to the defense of everyone, as it is possible for them to be taken advantage of in this way. 4’s make great doctors, healers, accountants, geologists, bankers, construction workers and architects/builders. Sudden sweeping changes often find their way into the life of a 4, usually for the better, thanks to its ruler. The planet that rules the number 4 is Uranus and the sign which corresponds to it is Aquarius.

5: Bringers of fresh new experiences of growth and experimentation, 5’s are also good communicators and teachers. Imparting knowledge is important for them and they enjoy bringing new information to the rest of us because it also helps them process it better themselves. Influenced by Mercury and therefore its attributes, the 5 is a consummate salesperson and seller (think of the rapid speech of the auctioneer). They thrive on constant change and variety and that is how they measure personal progress. Mercury rules short distance travel, and 5’s therefore find that it is easy to make a living in professions or jobs that allow them to travel the globe and take in different experiences and unique situations. They enjoy selling, promoting, advertising, communicating and therefore they make good newscasters, reporters, airline attendants, writers, philosophers and travel agents. The planet associated with the number 5 is Mercury and the sign corresponding to it is Virgo and Gemini. Both signs respond to the 5 vibration.

6: This is a number that is ruled by Venus and therefore is a very sensitive number. 6’s are very prone to illnesses if their primary relationships are not going well. Calm and loving relationship partners are key to keeping 6’s on an even emotional keel. Their lesson is to learn the beauty and psychological benefits of solitude, not be afraid of being alone and partnerless, and know that their first and foremost relationship is with themselves. 6 persons need harmony in their lives and therefore should pick professions that allow them to harmonize and organize. They thrive in vocations where they can fully express their sense of art (designers, artists, decorators), beauty and justice (law, civil rights). There may be a love of machines and mechanics in some 6 people. The planet associated with the number 6 is Venus and the signs corresponding to it are Libra and Taurus.

7: The 7 person is attracted to mysteries and the occult sciences due to a need to find an answer connecting themselves to the universe and its workings. They are thoughtful, sensitive and have a desire to be around be people who they think have great spiritual depth. Often disappointed in relationships and unable to find a truly compatible partner, they experience every partner as bringing their own essence to the relationship. Emotional and prone to depression, they should pick a vocation that can bring them out of the doldrums and put them back in the saddle. Good professions for them are counseling, consulting, advising and any profession where they can be near water due to their highly emotional natures (deep sea diving or scuba instructors). The planet associated with the number 7 is Neptune, ruler of the 7 seas, and the sign corresponding to it is Pisces.

8: This is the number of the manager or problem solver. 8’s are very methodical and structured and often even as kids they know what they want to do as adults. An 8 can bring organization to your business and attract clients as well. But emotionally, they have to learn to be more understanding with others and mostly with themselves. A well balanced 8 can be great at work, but often battles loneliness, depression and secretly feels inferior to others. They can manage a business or firm very well, and are considered very reliable and trustworthy. Often capable of remaining at the same job for years, others find their predictability invaluable when hiring them or asking them to make executive decisions. They need to be around people who can show them the lighter side of life and know that they need not be so serious all the time. The planet associated with the number 8 is Saturn and the sign which corresponds to it is Capricorn.

9: The 9 person is a very yang type, dominant personality, and they are seen as being very energetic and determined. Ruled by the action-oriented planet Mars, they enjoy being the protectors of their families and friends as well as being there when trouble befalls them. The 9 person is a helper and attracted to vocations where they can quickly solve problems, as well as being attracted to the professions of fire-fighting, medicine, surgery and law enforcement. A happy, robust personality, they enjoy the company of friends and are quick to defend their interests or the interests of their loved ones. The planet associated with the number 9 is Mars and the sign corresponding to it is Aries.