Pisces Weekly Horoscope from-05.06.17 to-11.06.17

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This week you will be caught in your own net of lies as you started by lying to yourself and continued doing with other people too; you should stop as little lies can lead to some huge conflict and this is the last thing you need this week.

Your horoscope anticipates an improvement in the financial situation from external sources: either from a scholarship or prize, or from an extra-professional activity

The stars recommend you a lot of patience in all aspects of life, especially within your relationship. Try to go out for lunch, go to the theater, museum or cinema, go out with friends at a festival or a picnic.

For the most part of the week, you will have a healthy health and you will be energetically balanced. After Wednesday, however, you will experience some syncope in daily rhythm, weakness, lack of concentration, even a little stress.