Questions and answers

Q. “I’m a Gemini and my boyfriend is an Aquarius. Are we compatible?”

A. The Gemini/Aquarius combination is a good one indeed. You are both born under Air signs, which means that you both value good, clear and frequent communication on a variety of topics. In relationships, however, a lot more has to be in harmony and you need more than just good communication skills to make it a winner. If your Moon signs match and compliment each other as well as compliment your individual Sun signs, then it will be a smoother ride for you than most.”

Q. “My partner and I always end up fighting about money and who gets to spend it. Why do we always argue about money? Everything else seems to be great between us.”

A. In any relationship or marriage, financial luck is also a big factor. When two people decide to join forces, they also join their fortunes, including their financial fortunes. Most probably one of you likes to save it and the other likes to have more control over how to spend it. Find out what planets affect your money houses in your composite charts. If your money sectors are not ‘communicating clearly’ then the discord will spill into your love-life, causing unnecessary ill-will and estrangement. This need not happen. Get a composite chart created for your relationship and see what the situation is. This is not a problem that should cost you your relationship. With a little bit of intelligent adjustment, there is hope ahead!

Q. “I love my girlfriend, but apart from the physical chemistry, there seems to be no other connection. Can we still stay together and be a good match?”

A. Absolutely. If you care enough to ask this question, then you do care about her being in your life. This is a decision that you have to make. Surely, an intellectual connection can be highly beneficial to your relationship. And so can a spiritual connection, that is deeper than both physical chemistry and day-to-day life. You can either terminate the relationship and find a person who connects on all those levels with you, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. Or, you can find out what you can do to get to know your current partner a lot better than you do. If you have a solid karmic bond, then it will show up in your synastry or relationship charts. You needn’t give up, but perhaps closely investigate your connection from a different view point.

Q. “I just got divorced from my husband of 10 years and don’t know what’s next for me. I want to fall in love again but am afraid. Is there any chance I can be happy with the right man in the future?”

A. There is always a chance to be happy in life! Perhaps even happier than you have ever been. If there has been a recent cutting of ties for you, then there is a good chance that your transit reading will show who will be coming next, what he will be like, and when that is likely to occur. An in-depth transit reading of your chart will pin point which months or time-periods will most likely bring you into the sphere of a possible love match. Don’t lose hope but think of yourself as truly free and open to attract a better match that compliments you better than your last one. Being out and about during your peak-romance time frames will bring you into the path of your next partner. Knowing those periods is key.

Q. “I’ve been looking for a job for almost a year and can’t seem to get anything that is right for me. I have a graduate degree but still no job. Will things ever turn around for me? And if so, when?”

A. We would have to do a chart reading for you in order to answer your questions accurately, and see if there is an upcoming transit in your income sector or professional sector and work sector. All are different but still connect to your ability to get back to work. During the key upcoming transits, send out more resumes than you normally would and you are sure to find something appropriate. Its just a matter of knowing when to act and when to hold back any action. Have the astrologer create a list of your most fortunate periods and strike when the iron is hot, you are sure to hit your mark.

Q. “Ever since I’ve moved to this new city, things have been going terribly wrong, I lost two jobs, my partner has left me, and my kids don’t talk to me anymore. What am I doing wrong? Is there a place that I can move to where I will have better luck in dealing with life?”

A. There is a big possibility that you are on a geographically ‘negative line’ or what is known in astrocartography as a heavy line. A location chart based on your natal chart will do you a world of good. You may just be on a line that is adversely affecting you and touching every part of your life negatively. Find out where your best lines are and check them out during a short vacation. Usually, just changing cities is enough to open a whole new world to you and bring good experiences, helpful people and good friends your way. You won’t know unless you try! Get a list of these ‘luck and fortune cities’ from the astrologer and schedule a quick trip. I would say in agreement with most good realtors, that a happy life is simply matter of location, location, location! Best wishes to you.