Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from-05.06.17 to-11.06.17

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Each day of this week is worse than the previous other and this put your nerves to the limit. But you should expect a reward for that and, at the end of the week will get an invitation for fun (a cinema movie, a play, a party) so try to resist because nice moments will come soon and refresh you.

Your partner or your family are to easy-spender on your opinion and this bothers you a lot because you consider you work much and this reflects the welfare of your family; you will be a little anxious for that the whole week.

Someone in your family is sick and you worry maybe too much; keep calm even sickness may be more than an usual cold; if you get annoyed, you will not solve the problem, it needs time to wait.

Someboby from your family needs your help, be prepared to take care of him/her (maybe an older person or somebody who has dome medical problems).