Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from-12.06.17 to-18.06.17

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This week you must concentrate upon personal problems (health also) as you have avoided too many time to think of you; time, stress, job pressure and crowded days gather and can cause you big health problems. It would be better if you start a period of relax and also, sport and some diet.

Career and carer; this is your direction for this period and other things in your life seem to have less importance in this week. You are focussed on working hard and exclude anything else.

Start thinking about a stronger relation or analyze if the present relationship is the one that worth to rely on; if not, maybe you should think to take it easier.

This week you are glad to feel better as it seems that you had had some health issues. To keep up with this good health you must find your own balance and way of living and to apply it every day.