Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from-15.05.17 to-21.05.17

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The astrological forecast this week thinks that everything will be easier because you take responsibility for your actions and choices. Finally you come to the conclusion that you can’t get what you want if you do not have closer on things from your past.
Keep your self-confidence but do not neglect the consequences of the actions you are making. This may allow you to discover the source of all obstacle.

Some changes may arise but will not happen by themselves, but only as a result of your intense work; some opportunities of extra money may appear and you should be grateful and do not spend it in vain.

Major decisions are going to influence your love life. No matter what, according to the reputation of this zodiac, it can be nothing but great and emotionally intense. So try to calm down and stay focused.

This week you will be affected by some problems in the back and you cannot understand the reason. Maybe too much working in the office and no sport or practical exercises that could help your back keep its mobility.