Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2017

Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2017It is therefore a good opportunity to make new progress in the area of interpersonal relationships. You also may find yourself expanding your connections to the world of art, and to the aesthetic pleasure that you take in your surroundings. Being given to optimism and positive emotions, you may not be very practical at this time, especially in choosing partners for business or relationship connections.

Some of you broke through old ties and there is a good change now to find a suitable partner. Some of you may also become aware of inherent limitations in the areas of health and sickness, organizational detail, or service to other people. These can become reality, but care must be taken not to expect more than is given. You may think that you give more than you get from a partner. At any case you should be careful this year in choosing partners, whether it’s a romantic partner or a business one. During this year the younger generation in the family will be experiencing an irreversible change.

Your struggle during the course of this period is to try to find your own true inner worth in terms of character: in standards, values, and service to others around you. Similarly, power struggles between romantic couples may occur. In generally, you been through a lot of upheaval and you must have felt that you want to break and separate. Try to avoid power struggles with them. A heart to heart talk could be more convincing.
You then have an opportunity for inner integration and balancing, for redefining and re-experiencing the true meaning for you of relationship between self and other. During this year Jupiter will transit to your sign indicating financial opportunities; you may have gift for making money. Following your intuition is the best advice for you. You will have also an opportunity to display your abilities, and you will also be attracted to higher learning, and the fine arts, during this time.

However, you might be extravagant or suffer from errors in judgment now, and may have a tendency to overdo things. You might find that you are more serious about your ambitions and you are also likely to be given rewards, or opportunities for growth and development in public life, work and career. The gap between the ideal and the merely real could become very wide for you at this time. Something new, deep inside you, is awaiting birth. Starting September 2017 you will be in the process of clarifying your true purpose in life, and are experiencing a concentration of your energies, so that you have to work for what you want in this area. You also may feel as though particular groups no longer serve your current needs, or you may draw back from friendship at this time from a fear of not being fully accepted. There may be a way that you no longer fit into prior patterns that have been successful for you up to now.