Sagittarius, symbolized by the archer, is one of the great horoscope signs that possess a great tendency of adventure. Regardless of the many aspects in relation to the other zodiac signs, Sagittarius have a good heart and being very affectionate about people. So to speak, it is most likely they won’t be mean or spiteful, under the condition there are not too many negative aspects predicted by horoscopes. It comes in their nature to be polite with the other astrology signs.

In addition, Sagittarius is not full of himself or narcissistic because he enjoys being the opposite. In comparison with other horoscope signs, he is always open and prefers to get involved and to try most experiences. Due to this, most horoscopes say that open-mindedness may be listed as his top profile trait. Also, he likes to learn about new stuff. He will probably decide to experience about any idea in order to find out how it goes and after that he will toss it aside if it is too restrictive.

That is because Sagittarius wishes freedom, most of all when it regards his ideology. Sagittarius is a very social person who needs to interact with other astrology signs to feel balanced. On the other hand, he may prefer to be left alone at times but on a regular basis he tries to make good friends that last forever. Fire zodiac signs are known for their energy and Sagittarius makes no exception.

These archers are born natural leaders who usually take charge of projects or any leadership positions. However, as good as they may shine as initiators; they are also the ones who tend to get bored even before that particular goal is accomplished. So, judging from the perspective of other horoscope signs, it is easy to say that they burn out too fast and as a conclusion it can be a challenge do deal with them on the long term of a project.

Sagittarius Dates: November 22 – December 21

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