Scorpio in bed

Scorpio in bedScorpio is unpredictable, adventurous, erotic and forceful in the bedroom.  Scorpio is always searching for new things to do in the bedroom and likes to experiment sexually.  Once Scorpio is turned on sexually, it is hard to turn them off.

Scorpio is so demanding they tend to be very dominating in the sack.  They love to try to new things in the bedroom and do not mind if their lover has an erotic idea to add to their sex life.  Scorpio is possessive and loyal; hence they don’t like seeing their partner flirting with anyone else besides them.

They are also more concerned about receiving sexual pleasure than giving sexual pleasure to their partner, but that does not mean the lover of a Scorpio will not be satisfied.  In fact, sex will be intense and passionate with Scorpio.

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