Scorpio Weekly Horoscope from-05.06.17 to-11.06.17

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You are reluctant to open some delicate topics, but, towards the end of the week, you may have to do it. Certain things are not only about you and you are perfectly aware of it. Beware, however, how these uncertainties affect your financial and personal standing. You may pay for some mistakes that are not yours.

This week you will have a nice surprise from family (parents or some close relatives) who will make you a nice present (money or a paid vacation or even a car or house); you and your family will be very enthusiastic about that.

It’s time to focus a little more on sentimental life and especially on the couple’s relationship and the needs your partner has lately reported. During the weekend, you have to organize a lunch for you and your partner, a moment to focus on you two and your relation’s needs.

Feeling cold and having fever in the first days of the week; luckily you have friends and family who are nearby you and support you in these moments; so you will take some rest and you will feel better in the last part of the week.