She might be the one for me

Q. “My girlfriend is a 2 and I’m a 4. I’m thinking about having her move in with me but something’s been bothering me. I know she has a real emotional nature, but it’s hard for me because she tends to worry about every little thing. I love her and think she might be the one for me, but I can’t handle her moods. Please help.”

A. Your girlfriend is a 2 and therefore has a very delicate temperament. She may be highly sensitive to remarks made especially by loved ones and is sensitive to almost everything that happens at home. Ruled by the moon, if you want to have a life with her, you will have to learn how to handle her emotions with tender care and learn to read the signals.

She gets attached to people very easily and will take any rejection very hard. As a match, it’s a good one, but only if both of you know which buttons to not push in your relationship. She is more likely than you to stay in a bad relationship for a lifetime. You, as 4, may be the more logical and detached of the two, while she may be a bundle of emotions. Your think and she feels. She will appreciate communication from you and you will prefer her to be a bit more easy-going than she is.

Her moods will not change and the adjustment will have to come from you. 2’s make good partners but tend to do too much and become dependent very quickly. If that’s okay with you, then go ahead. You can work this out, but it will be mostly through your efforts as 4’s tend to support others well.