Tarot Card Readings – Do it Yourself

If you are looking to do your own tarot card readings, I’ve composed this guide to help you start.   With tarot cards, I generally tell everyone to read everything you can, but in the end, trust yourself, and not the written word of others.   When looking at the tools in relation to the person, it’s important to understand this connection is reasonable for what mysteries or truths are revealed or unlocked by the cards. Tarot reading has always been a very personal experience, as it should be.

It’s actually fairly common for first time practitioners of tarot cards to feel a bit lost or confused at times, particularly if you are conducting readings for yourself. The first step is to understand the cards are simply that, cards. They are only a tool, to be used to reach a means. These pieces of paper aren’t magical by themselves; however, they can be quite the instrument if you are looking to connect with the higher power or your guides.
One must also understand, on the notion of their purpose, these cards are also sacred, and one should treat the deck in way, which reflects this. One must also realize that spirits, angels, or even guides are often unclear in their message.  However with time, a greater connection can form between you two.  It’s important to remember communicating with the other side isn’t as easy as sending your friend a text or phone call.

One must remember your spiritual guides, angels, or who ever is assisting you in your reading have personalities just like you and I. Whether they choose to regularly express themselves with humor, or something much darker, the underlying fact is the message is still there. In the case of Tarot cards, it is revealed in the cards.

There is a conflicting view on whether or not one should conduct readings for themselves. I had a similar conflict with myself, in my early tarot card reading days. However, after many moons had passed, I realized conducting tarot readings for myself presented some problems.

I felt many of my guides didn’t want me to be personally dependant on them alone. I also learned I could easily aggravate my spirit guides by asking questions without true meaning or un-heartful questions. Most often the response was something I couldn’t interpret the meaning, or just plain gibberish.
My last tip of advice is the emotion many first time tarot readers can experience. Some of the information provided to them can seem like someone is just trying to play with you.  However, the more readings you do, and the closer you become with your guides, the further you’ll be able to distinguish whether your spirits are trying to help or teach you, or whether they are just trying to pull your strings.