Taurus in bed

Taurus in bedTaurus is one of the most promiscuous signs if they are not being sexually satisfied at home.  Taurus is a very patient, romantic and seductive lover.  Orgasm is very important to Taurus.  Taurus has a strong sex drive and if not satisfied will leave their partner in a heartbeat.

Taurus is a tease and receives sexual pleasure from teasing their lovers.  It is sometimes hard to sexual satisfy a Taurus since they may not come out at tell you exactly what they want from you sexually.
Taurus is very stubborn and if you want to engage in a certain sex act with a Taurus, you must be subtle about the whole situation. 

Pushing Taurus too much will only cause them to resist will have to learn to takes things a little bit slower and Taurus will have to learn to pick up the pace in the bedroom for sexual bliss.  If not, both will have no problem looking for love somewhere else.

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