Taurus Weekly Horoscope from-12.06.17 to-18.06.17

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Your general state is good but you need more satisfactions in your private life and also, at work and sometimes, with no reason, you feel you do not get enough appreciation or gratitude from persons around and you consider you do a lot of things for them. You must analyze what you are missing and talk to them; maybe it’s only a problem of communication.

Money is a real problem for you and your family as you cannot control the spendings and you ran out of money as usual in the latest period; maybe this will make you think about making a week plan for financial issues.

There is too much pressure this week upon you as an important event is happening soon and there are lots of things to do; you do not have time for this so you should ask for help to a friends or to your family.

You need to stop eating that much from now on. Your lifestyle is quite messy when it comes to food, so take baby steps over here, and you will be fine.