Taurus Weekly Horoscope from-15.05.17 to-21.05.17

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Jupiter is near you therefor expect a turbulent period. This week you’ll have a various weekly horoscope. You will be under a lot of pressures but for you it is already routine you got used to lately. do not forget to stand up for your rights or speak up.

Something spectacular should happen this week in your career. It may be a cash reward or a permanent advancement. If you have a business, it might flourish with the establishment of a new business or a new contract

The week begins by meeting some dear friends but you must award your family with priority along with your friends. Book the weekend for you two and have some beautiful moments.

Take care of the stress you get from work: have short pauses taken out and come back at office over 10 minutes; use the 10 minutes taking some breathing exercises, even meditation; you can also use the minutes to watch around, people, trees, kids or something to make you feel better.