Taurus Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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You will start the week very well and have lot of energy though the tension in the family. The first days of the week will be more stressful because you tend to focus on small details.
You should also avoid spending money on useless things even if you want to impress someone.

This week you are going to have some arguments within your family as there is too much money spent on nothing and you cannot control the family’s budget.

There are some conflicts that arise this week in your family and you must consider you are partially quilty of that so you should take some decisions within the family in order to clear things up.

The first two days of the week will be full of headaches and you are afraid of some sickness; fortunately, in the last days of the week you will feel better and your worries will go away.