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Here are the  Most Asked Questions And Their Answers

What Exactly Is A Natal Chart?

Planetary Pictures: Your natal chart is a blueprint of the sky at the instant of your birth. Each person has a very distinctive natal chart and even twins have different charts in relation to each other. Understanding the intricacies of your own chart can help you gain a deeper knowledge of your life’s pattern, your particular personality as well as those of the people closest to you. Find out why you made the choices you did as well as the ones you will make in the future. Astrology can provide you the with the indispensable wisdom that is needed in making good choices that will bring you true happiness and peace.

How Do Moving Planets Affect My Life?

Stars in Transit: Stars have a special relationship to you and your life and emphasize that careful astrological timing is one of the most importance. The stars can indicate very clearly as to when the best time would be for you to start a new business, buy your first home, start a new career and when to marry or begin a new relationship.

By following the movement of the planets around the chart, the astrologer can help you make the right decisions at the right time, instead of blindly letting fate make those crucial decisions for you or leaving important decisions up to chance.

Is Everything Fated Or Can I Be In Full Control?

Free Will: Astrology encourages free will at every step. Nothing is written in stone and you can always alter the path your life is taking. If you are unhappy, then you can find out precisely why. If you’d like to change your life for the better, taking a look at your chart interpretation can give you the tools you need to make wise choices that can elevate your level of contentment and joy in life.

Why Do You Need My Birth Data?

Accurate Birth Data: Your correct birth data helps the astrologer to calculate the meaning of each sign and its placement in the houses for your natal chart. When requesting a reading, please supply the astrologer with correct birth data, such as day, month and year of birth, along with the name of the city, and most importantly the time of birth.

This can be obtained by taking a quick look at your birth certificate or by asking your mom as to the hour and minute you were born. This helps the astrologer in finding out the exact longitude and latitude for your unique calculations.

Can Astrology Guide Me Through My Relationship or Marriage?

Relationships and Love: The most common question that is asked of an astrologer is about love and relationships. People often want to know if they are with the right person, if they are truly compatible with their current partner and whether the relationship is sustainable over a long period of time. Astrological comparisons of charts involving two people in love can be a vital tool in understanding the day to day personalities of both people and how well they will mesh over the long haul.

Many people want to know if the person they are with is their true soul mate or not, and if not, when the potential soul mate will make an appearance in their lives. It is possible to ascertain this from a chart, including when the chances are the greatest for a person to fall in love, get married, or even bring children into the world. It’s all about studying the secret timing mechanism hidden in your chart.

What Does Karma Have To Do With Astrology?

Karmic Astrology: It is very common for people to want to know more about their karmic destiny, or get a better understanding of their past karma. Knowing this enables a person to find the best way to process negative karma that may be holding them back, and negate it so that they can finally enjoy the many fruits of good karma as they invariably bring much happiness. Karmic bonds can also be recognized by astrology through partners who become karmically attached to us.