Virgo Weekly Horoscope from-15.05.17 to-21.05.17

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This week you will have high expectations from yourself in all areas. You will be have much confidence than usual and therefore try to do everything in order so you don’t end up disappointed. Those who are close to you will certainly not be easy to please with new decisions and actions you will take

Career and carer; this is your direction for this period and other things in your life seem to have less importance in this week. You are focussed on working hard and exclude anything else.

Nothing compares to the surprise you can have when you see your partner in the company of an ex. Try to be polite even if you feel some jealousy toward this person nor express yourself, it is just a part of your partner’s life.

Some people at your office noticed you are in good shape and they want to know how you can keep yourself in such a good shape and to keep your regular diet.