Virgo Weekly Horoscope from-22.05.17 to-28.05.17

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This week your family routine changes completely as your partner/family goes on a short holiday (at grandparents, parents or relatives); as you cannot take some free days to join them, you are going to stay alone and It is not necessarily a bad thing, it gives you spare room and spare time to spend alone or you can invite some friends.

Your partner is exhausted of too much working and you try to do something to take some of her/his work and help him/her pass through this problems and also to think about cutting some expenses.

News from distance relative will arise this week; it is maybe the time for you and your family to have some visit as you will feel good in the company of your relatives.

Your health will be good this week and you are full of energy and good mood. Your family is also good even if there will be some discomfort because of some extra large portions of food.