Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2017

Virgo Yearly Horoscope 2017Pluto is moving this year to your sign signifies a significant change in your life and your personality. Pluto transaction to your sign symbolizes the boost in your ambitions that can eventfully help you getting promoted. The emphasis will be now on many and career, but you need to carefully decide whether you are in the right direction and this is what you really want. This process complicit another one, which has started on 2013, made you looking differently upon things and the way you communicate with others.

Your communication should not be at its best and you should be advised to maintain yourself and respond tactfully. Changes in your personality in process during this transit may be more obvious later on, with the perspective of time. Your mate may go through a process of change too, which might affect you and your reactions. During this year you might be involved with various financial and economic events, some of them are as a result of the global economic situation or else through outer events which seem unrelated to your own process but which precipitate transformation in you, such as a financial windfall, or it’s opposite. You may well gain a renewed sense of your own identity and what it is that you truly value in the course of dealing with these disruptions to your former status quo. It is better to go forward with this process, rather than trying to hold onto outmoded values.

Opportunities may be lost through lack of an ability to focus. It is a good time to try to be more conscious and aware of all that is going on around you, to make plans for the future and to communicate them to your friends and loved ones, although being careful not to take on more than is practical to accomplish.
Starting October 2017 until December 2017 there are difficulties or restrictions with (and also emphasis on) your desire to possess, both materially and with respect to loved ones. You should beware of jealousy during this period of time, or of over-rating the importance of material things.

You are likely to be conservative financially, at this time, and you may appear greedy or selfish. You could experience the fear of poverty and losing your possessions, or you may be on the other hand encounter feelings of austerity or actual denial of the material aspects of your life. You also may suffer doubts regarding your self-worth. You can expect to find a solution to these issues concerning health matters on September 2017. You are still in a middle of radical changes in this field, a process that started several years ago.